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Can I better rent or buy?
Advantage of buying a camper in my opinion:

  • You can go when you want
  • The average lifetime of a camper is 20 years
  • There is a wide choice of new and used campers.

The advantage of renting a camper according me:

  • Every year a new camper with the latest novelties and environmental requirements
  • If you have a decide to go on vacation without the camper, you have no depreciation and costs.
  • A new rental campers with the pricing from €350,- a week is affordable for everyone.
  • You can customize the camper every year to the number of persons, the country your traveling to and the dimensions suitable for you and your travel companions.
What do the letters located by the campers mean?
A= Alcove
B= Bed downstairs (French bed)
C= Compact line (Smaller or wider, it may also be a campervan)
D= Double bed for 2 persons (French bed and folding bed)
E = single beds
G = Garage and cross bed in the rear.
I = Integral model
Q= Queens bed
R = Campervan

The number behind is the Following number so every camper is unique.

Comfort line motor homes have air conditioning, fly door, awning, bike rack, toilet, shower etc.

Compact line campers are more compact motor homes with comfort above line options.

Luxury line campers have the comfort line options with mostly still extras such as additional air conditioning, reversing sensors, remis etc..

Exclusive line models have the comfort line and luxury line options and there still TV, satellite dish and inventory

What are the new rental campers this year?
In 2016 we have invested in a lot new campers.

Our complete offer is rejuvenated and is now of 2016 or up to 2 years old.
The choice in designs and models are extensive. A selection from the new product range:

The campervans they were 599 in 499, and Now NEW 636cm. the 540 cm length. The new Camper R4

The half is integral with single beds and are up to 100 kg lighter. That means more load capacity and lower consumption (camper E3 and E6)

The compact single beds campers are added to our camper collection.
For people who find the E line of 750 cm is too large and the campervan of 636 too small, there is now the compact line with single beds.
The thoughtful compact C line (camper C3, C4, and C6)

The popular B line is a compact B line at (camper B2) which is like the Knaus 650MF with a French bed, but 50 cm shorter and 200 kg lighter.

Q3 from 2013 has been replaced for the new 2016 Knaus execution.
It’s a complete camper with air-conditioning, automatic transmission and satellite, this camper has everything you wish for. In addition to his prefacer he is 100 kg lighter than its predecessor, which saves in the use.

Enlargement of the campers with automatic gears
Now we have 6 campers with automatic gears. The “old” E4 and E6 are replaced by camper E3 and Q3. There are also 2 campervans added with automatic gears.. The campervans C5 campervan R2 and the 180 HP with towbar. The popular integral with automatic gears I1 and I2 are just like past years for rent.

How can I see if a camper is available?
We have at each camper a unique calendar that displays real-time availability. In the calendar you can see what is busy (red) and what is a come back or departure day (so-called changeover day (The Color blue or half-blue.
Green is a all free day.
The color light green, middle green or dark green for low, mid and high season.
The availability of the caravans is the same way.
24 hours a day you can use the free data books, reservation or request a quote.
How does that with the mileage if I have extra drives?
When you place your booking your receive 215 km per day free (unless otherwise stated; calculate your price).
The total kilometres are always clearly displayed when you request a quote at the website, option and your booking.
In some cases you will also receive in rent for longer than 3-5 weeks of free all kilometers free or at shorter you can rent all kilometers free surrenders.
The costs are displayed at the options when your booking.
Every kilometer extra costs 25 cents. Because you never know how much you drive (there is also a camper for it!) you can also still with us after all packages travel shutdown.
Do you deliver campers
This is a service we offer (except in the high season). Wij deliver the camper for a amount more. The total costs can be calculated in a special quote.
Do the campers also have a bicycle rack/canopy?
All our campers are as complete as possible. So every camper has a bike rack, awning etc. This is a total package that we offer you after we asked are customers.
In the exclusive line campers is a complete (kitchen) inventory and it has a satellite dish. If you want to bring bikes, we have drawn up some more tips in the PDF file below.

-PDF invantory list

– PDF Tips Rental Bike Mount

When I get to you a camper rental, what time can i obtain the camper and on what time should i return the camper?
We have a rule to come and receive the camper around 16:00h and return the camper at 10:00h (AM). We use the time in between for checkups and cleaning of the campers.
It is always negotiable if you want to depart earlier or come back later each situation is different. You can book the option “rather” or “later” to leave. We will then give the camper meant for you the priority.

See page Pickup and return times

Is the rental camper insured?
Yes, the camper is all risk insured. Your own risk per event is up to the amount of the deposit. We also have ANWB all-in and insured. Our free bundled ANWB Europe service with the addition of camper service abroad ensures that you no longer need travel and LC IRK. If you wish, you may get yourself a travel and/or cancellation insurance.
How long will the gas cylinders in the camper?
Most campers are provided with two Propane Gas cylinders for cooking, heat and cool. In the summer there is 1 full gas cylinder of 11 KG. Assume that a gas tank under normal use will last 4-6 weeks. If you stay longer than 3 weeks with the camper on vacation, we provide a free 2nd gas cylinder. These are used for hot water, extra cooling refrigerator and heating by hot water and heating of the camper. In the winter you have 2 or 3 gas cylinders required per 2 weeks. In the winter we rent out the winter campers and have the experience that a bottle of ca. 1 week battery life (depending on the outside temperature. In this example we use-10 degrees celcius and the heating on the low setting). Propane gas is Frost-proof to-42 degrees. LPG gas up to-10 degrees.
Can I drive in a motor home with a German license plate?
Yes, there are a number of conditions set by the tax office to a Dutch citizen. Abroad you may drive with a foreign camper for a unlimited of time. In the Netherlands you may drive with a foreign number plate up to 2 weeks (per household) drive. Go with 4 people from 2 households, there is an exemption from 4 weeks possible. Everything is on the site of the tax office after to read and you can on the following link digital sign up.
Formulier van de Belastingdienst
I would like to rent the camper from Thursday to Monday.
Is that possible? Yes, you can come back at any date you want and leave when ever you want, If available and appropriate in the planning. The pickup time is 16:00. Return time is 10 am. For each object, you can also select an option to leave earlier or later. More about Pick-up and departure times (link)

More about pickup and return times

The camper is still for rent for October?
Yes, you can check this news directly through our site. Click the model of your liking.

In the calendar you can see what is busy (red) and what a come back or departure day (so-called changeover day. Color blue or half-blue). Green is free all day. The color light green, middengroen or dark green for low, medium and high season). The orange color means that a customer has a option on the camper.

This option is normally for 48 hours. Keep it yourself and give us a 2nd option by per mail. When the option doesnt become a order, we can inform you by mail as soon as the object is available. The availability of the caravans is in the same way as the campers.

The camper has a vignette for Austria, Czech Republic and Switzerland?
Because the vignettes can be bought every week there will be no valid vignette for Austria. The Switzerland vignette is valid for one year.

Some of our campers allready have the vignettes. We do not know if it is present on the camper. You can also buy them at many service stations along the way.

What are the terms of conditions at Haffkamp campers?
What are my payment options?
We have 3 ways of payment. Click here to read our payment options.
I’m looking for a camper for 2 days. Is that possible?
A camper or caravan rental is per day.

Please keep in mind that in proportion the costs are higher for that one day or two days.

This is because of all the startup costs.

At first there are administration costs.

Second: One of our employees has to explain the camper before departure. If you rent a camper more often for short days, we don’t have to give the explanation no longer, this will time and thereby costs.

Thirdly, we agree that we don’t have to clean the camper from the inside but only from the outside, this because the time I costs us to much time to clean it in comparison with the price we ask you.

Fourth: We deliver the camper with 100 – 200 Km for free. If you book the camper for 1 or 2 days you probably make a lot more km then you would when you rent it for 2 or 3 weeks. The kilometers are not so expensive, but it can be a drain on your budget.

Finally, we must inspect every camper at there return, so that everything is in order for the new customers.
I would like your understanding for this situation.
Therefore, if you want to use the camper just for a night’s sleep, it may be more profitable to a hotel or with a tent to a campsite.

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