Payment options

Possibilities of payment, reservation, request a quote or Start option

In order to calculate a price and/or to request a reservation/more start at the desired object with the button “calculate your price”. After that you can choose from the following options;

1. Through the button “i-deal” on the website. This allows you to quickly and easily 24 hours a day your caravan or motorhome. After the i-deal payment (25% with a minimum of 500 euro) state the camper is directly in front of you. You will then receive the invoice by email within a few days. You can transfer the remainder 6 weeks before departure.

2. Using the button “option requests 48 hours”. You can then convert the object in option, so this 48 hours are reserved for you. You have the possibility to consult or discuss. You will receive after placing the option directly a confirmation email. If you want to permanently make the option you can deposit (25% with a minimum of 500 euro) (in the mail is the bank account number and your reservation number listed). 

The Cancel option is free of charge. When the payment is received and processed in the system, the motorhome is officially yours. Do you need a little more time, please feel free to contact us. 

3. By using the button “request a quote” you will receive a automatically generated quote by email. 

If you agree with the quote, please choose option 1 or 2 above, so that you are sure of your accommodation.

4. Special payment arrangement. On your wish we can arange a special payment term. Please contact us via [email protected] In your mail, you can ask us a proposal within time limits. 

The rental and the security deposit at all times fully complied with before departure. Within 24 hours we will act on your request. 

Do not take any risks and feel free to place an option on the motorhome you wish to rent on our website. You can do so from your ‘ calculate price ‘ and then “option requests 48 hours”. Place at the ‘ ´ comments when booking (desire of the) specifically agreed payment term.

Deposit The security deposit is required upon AVV recreation. Without the payment of the deposit, we can not give the object.

The deposit is within 2 weeks after retourgestort return on your account.

If you wish a different payment option, you can always mail us using the Contact details page