MORELO First Class Reisemobile

What exactly is MORELO? It’s an acronym made partly of the words Mobile and Reimann, but MORELO does of course also mean First Class motorhomes that are among the best in the world. A MORELO is always a statement of wanderlust, of exceptional comfort and outstanding quality.

A MORELO is always something very special and is Made in Germany.

This is how we’ve become one of Europe’s most successful manufacturers of luxury motorhomes in the space of just five years. Our familiar environment, our individualistic attitude, our single-mindedness, and of course our years of experience are all things that strengthen our brand.

But there is something else that makes us unique. We didn’t begin to build our motorhomes because we wanted to earn lots of money. We began because we didn’t want to do anything else. It was because there is simply nothing better than packing your things and driving off for a few days (or preferably weeks) to Scandinavia, southern Italy, or Portugal.

This love of motorhomes is innate to us. And to every MORELO.

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Any questions you can ask to MR. Maurice Haffkamp at mobile number: +31 637 172335. Product information and Pricing you can find in this Link: